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University of Montana’s news release on our paper…

New Research Focuses on Streamwater Chemistry, Landscape Variation MISSOULA (Apr. 22, 2014) – Winsor Lowe, interim director of the University of Montana’s Wildlife Biology Program, co-wrote a research paper published April 21 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

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News release – Ecology team improves understanding of valley-wide stream chemistry

BLACKSBURG, Va., April 22, 2014 – A geostatistical approach for studying environmental conditions in stream networks and landscapes has been successfully applied at a valley-wide scale to assess headwater stream chemistry at high resolution, revealing unexpected patterns in natural chemical components.

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The launch of isotope hydrology through a beer bottle

Cool blog post from Simple Climate on Willi Dansgaard, the father of isotope paleoclimatology and hydrology.  Check it out: “How a beer bottle helped reveal rapid past climate change” Ok, so the article is mostly about the impact Dansgaard has had on

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World Water Day – March 22, 2013

Tomorrow is World Water Day.  This event is held annually on 22 March as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.  This year we are celebrating the United Nations

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Clean Water Act 40th Anniversary

I posted a couple of weeks ago about US water policy and commented on the anniversary of the Clean Water Act.  Today is the day it turns 40!  There are now many more news stories on the anniversary today than

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Huff Post article by Gleick on U.S. Water Policy

I haven’t posted much from the news in a while, but today I saw this article that appeared last Thursday in a Huffington Post blog by Peter Gleick.  He comments on his view of the four most important national water challenges.

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Hubbard Brook – unscathed from Irene’s wrath

Scott Bailey sent an update from Hubbard Brook earlier this week. There was no major damage to the forest or to any instrumentation including our experimental sites in WS3. Rainfall amounts were in the 4+ inch range, which puts Hurricane

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Stuff you should know…mountain-top mining

Mountain-top mining seems to be in the news everywhere these days.  Josh and Chuck, two of my favorite podcast personalities who host “Stuff You Should Know (SYSK),” had a story on mountain-top mining last week called “What is mountaintop removal mining?”

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Vaccine for ignorance and a path to sustainability. Is there hope?

In a recent editorial, two scientists, Trevors and Saier give a no holds barred account of what they believe is the primary cause of societal environmental problems like climate change or global warming.  It’s ignorance or “the lack of reliable

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Too much snow!

This article was recently brought to my attention and I found it interesting and relevant to hydrology and water quality. Where would you put all of this snow? With no room to put snow, Eastern waterways beckon Feb 4, 10:40

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