Vaccine for ignorance and a path to sustainability. Is there hope?

In a recent editorial, two scientists, Trevors and Saier give a no holds barred account of what they believe is the primary cause of societal environmental problems like climate change or global warming.  It’s ignorance or “the lack of reliable information about and knowledge of the natural world we live in,” which challenges solutions for those very same problems.  I must admit, I’m not sure I’ve ever a seen more strongly worded editorial appear in a peer-review journal (Water, Air, & Soil Pollution)!  The blog RealClimate mentioned this article today in their post about a new House bill that is intended to remove the US EPA’s power from regulating greenhouse-gas emissions.  The Nature article linked to the RealClimate post has some trenchant remarks about how Congress seems to in an “intellectual wilderness.”  Education as the “vaccine for ignorance” is not going to be easy!