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50th Anniversary of Water Resources Research Act and Establishment of the VA Water Center

50 years old today, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law the Water Resources Research Act, which established a Water Resources Research Institute in each state.  The Virginia Water Resources Research Center, which is my home appointment at Virginia Tech, is Virginia’s

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Clean Water Act 40th Anniversary

I posted a couple of weeks ago about US water policy and commented on the anniversary of the Clean Water Act.  Today is the day it turns 40!  There are now many more news stories on the anniversary today than

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Huff Post article by Gleick on U.S. Water Policy

I haven’t posted much from the news in a while, but today I saw this article that appeared last Thursday in a Huffington Post blog by Peter Gleick.  He comments on his view of the four most important national water challenges.

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Vaccine for ignorance and a path to sustainability. Is there hope?

In a recent editorial, two scientists, Trevors and Saier give a no holds barred account of what they believe is the primary cause of societal environmental problems like climate change or global warming.  It’s ignorance or “the lack of reliable

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