Group update and visitors

It’s been a while since we’ve posted so I thought I would provide a few updates…

  • Next week, Dr. Scott Bailey is visiting the group.  He is on JP and Cody’s graduate committees and they are both presenting their study plans next week and having a regular committee meetings.  Scott is a Co-PI on our Hubbard Brook hydropedology project and we have lots of work to do next week as we plan for the spring and summer field seasons.
  • Courtney Reijo defended two weeks ago.  She is now at the University of Florida as a Water Institute Graduate Fellow working on her Ph.D.
  • Tyler is busy writing as he is planning a spring defense and graduation.
  • Kris Brown is performing his first rainfall simulation tomorrow.  See Kris’ recent post about his project.
  • Matt Kadak completed his undergraduate research project.  He presented a poster today of his infiltration work on forest roads to a group of faculty and students.

Upcoming events…

  • Springbreak at Hubbard Brook!  Cody and JP are planning a trip to Hubbard Brook to run ground-penetrating radar along soil/geologic contrasts at our research site.  I’m hoping for a cooperative snowpack.
  • Dr. Nicolas Zegre from West Virginia University is visiting us in about 10 days (Feb 20).  He is presenting in our department’s seminar on some of his mountain top mining hydrology work.  See our project page for some related information.
  • Dr. Tony Buda, from the USDA-ARS at University Park, PA is coming on April 24th for a seminar in the Department of Biological Systems Engineering.  Tony and I go back to our undergraduate days together so I am looking forward to having him visit.
  • Dr. Michael Campana, from Oregon State University is coming for our department’s Graduate Student Symposium on March 27.  Dr. Campana will give the keynote talk.  Interestingly, I applied to work with Michael on my Ph.D.  He had me visit and was such a generous host and I know would have been a great advisor.  It was a tough decision!  That was a while ago, I haven’t seen him since, although we have managed to stay in touch in a small way.  Check out Dr. Campana’s blog.  He’s all about water!