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New paper about how forests lose nitrogen through shallow groundwater flowpaths

In a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, McGuire working with a team from the Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study found clear evidence of nitrogen loss through denitrification in isolated shallow groundwater patches in a small

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New paper by Gannon on organizing groundwater regimes and response thresholds by soils

JP Gannon had a paper accepted this week in Water Resources Research titled “Organizing groundwater regimes and response thresholds by soils: A framework for understanding runoff generation in a headwater catchment.” Here’s the abstract: A network of shallow groundwater wells

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Variable source area concept…Hewlett 1961

I recently obtained a digital copy of Hewlett’s 1961 description of the variable source area concept.  This document, which is part of an annual report of the US Forest Service Southeastern Forest Experiment Station and at the time was based

New paper on urban soil rehabilitation

Yujuan Chen just had her third paper published from her dissertation.  Yujuan is now with the Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome Italy. Chen, Y., Day, S.D., Wick, A.F., McGuire, K.J. 2014. Influence of urban land development and subsequent soil rehabilitation

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Forest road gravel cover and reduced sediment delivery to stream crossings paper accepted

Kris Brown’s paper on “the effect of increasing gravel cover on forest roads for reduced sediment delivery to stream crossings” was accepted this week in Hydrological Processes. Abstract Direct sediment inputs from forest roads at stream crossings are a major

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Network chemistry patterns in headwater streams – new paper published in PNAS

In a new article published this week in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, we show how high-resolution mapping and analysis of water chemistry throughout a headwater stream network reveals unexpected patterns in how flowing water interacts with the

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New paper on the hydropedology of Hubbard Brook

A new paper was accepted this week in the journal Geoderma.  The paper shows how spatial patterns of soil development reflect the influence of transient groundwater within the soil profile in nearly all landscape positions throughout a headwater catchment at the

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Kris Brown published his first journal paper: sediment delivery from forest roads at stream crossings

Kris Brown had his first journal article accepted this week in Forest Ecology and Management.  Congrats Kris!! Abstract: Forest road stream crossing approaches, or the section of road immediately adjacent to the stream crossing, represent primary sources and nearly direct pathways

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Article on U.S. watershed stress

Sectoral contributions to surface water stress in the coterminous United States K Averyt et al. 2013 Environ. Res. Lett. 8 035046 This article seems to be receiving a fair bit of hype.  Sandra Postel blogs about the paper on National

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Hydrological Processes Special Issue on North-Watch

A special issue of the journal Hydrological Processes called “Catchments in the future North: interdisciplinary science for sustainable management in the 21st Century” reports on the results from our North-Watch project.  This is a great collection of papers on the future

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