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Hydrological Processes Special Issue on North-Watch

A special issue of the journal Hydrological Processes called “Catchments in the future North: interdisciplinary science for sustainable management in the 21st Century” reports on the results from our North-Watch project.  This is a great collection of papers on the future

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Forest Roads and Sediment Project at the Reynolds Homestead: Field Work Update, Summer 2012

We are nearly two-thirds of the way finished with rainfall simulation experiments to measure sediment delivery from forest road approaches to stream crossings at the Reynolds Homestead. We have been doing three rainfall simulation experiments at intensities ranging from 20

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Summer Field Season at Hubbard Brook Begins

  JP and I will be living in New Hampshire this summer as we conduct field work for our graduate research projects. I was the first to arrive at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest last Thursday evening. The weather forecast

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Greetings from Utrecht!

Earlier this year I was awarded a grant from the INTERFACE network based at Purdue University to travel to Utrecht in the Netherlands to work with Dr. Karin Rebel on an ecohydrological model. The grant is aimed at facilitating collaborative

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Project update: Spring break ground-penetrating radar & REU

About a month ago, JP and Cody drove up to Hubbard Brook to spend their spring break running a ground-penetrating radar (GPR) survey in Watershed 3 to estimate depth to bedrock and glacial till thickness.  Both JP and Cody’s projects

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Forest roads and sediment project: Field work update – first rainfall simulation experiment

On Saturday, February 11, 2012, Brian Morris, AJ Lang, and I performed our first rainfall simulation experiments on a freshly re-opened forest road approach to a stream crossing at the Reynolds Homestead. I had been looking forward to this day

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Forest roads and sediment project: Field work update – dirtbag connection

Today I finished work on connecting sediment collection bags (aka Dirtbags) on six road approaches to stream crossings at the Reynolds Homestead Forest Resources Research Center. Rainfall simulations will be conducted on these sites to measure surface runoff, infiltration, and

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Field work update: Forest Roads and Sediment Project at Reynolds Homestead

Part of my dissertation research involves the measurement of soil erosion rates from forest roads in the Virginia Piedmont. All of the road segments in this study are located at the Reynolds Homestead Forest Resources Research Center in Critz, VA.

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Hydropedology in action! Installing an intensive site in watershed 3 at Hubbard Brook.

After coming back from the Gordon conference on catchment science last week, Scott, Kevin, Rebecca, and I were all ready to get out in the field to get dirty and get to work on what we had been talking about

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A watershed 3 hydropedologic feature: Whatsit?

Last week, JP, Rebecca, Scott, Erik, Phoebe and I were digging soil pits for JP’s project in Watershed 3 at Hubbard Brook. About 10m upslope of these pits we began to dig the first pit for my project on the

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