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Creating a research brand – advice from my Ph.D. advisor published today in Science

Published in the working life section of Science, Jeff provides some good advice for early career academics – it’s “critical to find one’s focus and voice and have it heard—quickly.”  He discusses how early career scientists need to develop brand identity

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Reblog: Science Writing – Academically & Creatively

To continue on the theme of my last post on communication, writing is also a challenge many of us face.  Here is a nice blog from Scientific American on the topic.  For me, I’ve had to stay home on Thursdays

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Preparing scientists for interdisciplinary research

A few weeks ago, there was an article in EOS, the American Geophysical Union newspaper, about a recent survey conducted of graduate students from two large interdisciplinary research projects.  The findings from the survey, I believe, are right on the

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Learning how read in graduate school

My wife, Dana, is a graduate student in the higher education program here at Tech.  They focus on academic or student affairs, university operations, counseling/mentoring, etc. Anyway, they are encouraged to read the The Chronicle of Higher Education on a regular

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