Learning how read in graduate school

My wife, Dana, is a graduate student in the higher education program here at Tech.  They focus on academic or student affairs, university operations, counseling/mentoring, etc. Anyway, they are encouraged to read the The Chronicle of Higher Education on a regular basis – something all good academics should be doing.  The other day Dana came across an article that reinforces something I told her and that I tell many of my graduate students. Reading the literature is a bit of an art and it is nearly impossible to read everything in your graduate program word for word.  Think about it… you read a number of papers in each of your classes per week, and you are trying to stay current with the primary journals in your discipline area, and you are saturating yourself with reading for your thesis/dissertation research.  It’s overwhelming!  Take a few minutes and read this short article that was published the other day in the Chronicle.  It might help you gain perspective and you might think about training yourself to be a more efficient reader of the scientific literature.

2 thoughts on “Learning how read in graduate school”

  1. Kevin–your link wants me to have a subscription in order to read past the first paragraph. I can probably find it at UVM. thanks, Don

    1. Yes. You must be a subscriber to the Chronicle to read the full content. Most universities have subscriptions and some have proxy settings allowing direct access from your browser. Let me know if you have trouble finding it.

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