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Maggie Zimmer receives AGU Outstanding Student Paper Award

Congratulations to Maggie Zimmer, winner of a 2011 Outstanding Student Paper Award at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting.  Maggie presented her Hubbard Brook research that began with an REU project during the summer of 2010.  Maggie is now a graduate student at

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Reblog: Science Writing – Academically & Creatively

To continue on the theme of my last post on communication, writing is also a challenge many of us face.  Here is a nice blog from Scientific American on the topic.  For me, I’ve had to stay home on Thursdays

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Ten guidelines for effective data visualization in scientific publications

I used to teach a class in data visualization because I was frustrated with the quality of graphics in student work and that I was seeing in papers I was reviewing for journals.  I just saw an article from my

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Project update: Spring break ground-penetrating radar & REU

About a month ago, JP and Cody drove up to Hubbard Brook to spend their spring break running a ground-penetrating radar (GPR) survey in Watershed 3 to estimate depth to bedrock and glacial till thickness.  Both JP and Cody’s projects

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WaterWired – Campana’s visit

This week Dr. Michael Campana is visiting as part of the Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Resources Graduate Student Symposium.  Dr. Campana will be the keynote speaker for the symposium.  More information on his seminar can be found on

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New report: Challenges and Opportunities in the Hydrologic Sciences

1 The new NRC report on opportunities in hydrologic sciences is now available. See Anne Jefferson’s post on the report release and CUAHSI’s webinar last Friday.

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Dr. Nicolas Zegre from WVU visited this week

I want to thank Nic Zegre for visiting with us in the lab this week. Nic was invited to Tech for a seminar in the Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation. He packed the seminar room with his talk

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Another undergraduate research program opportunity!

Another REU opportunity! I am also participating in an REU program based at Virginia Tech. It’s an interdisciplinary program with a focus on the local Blacksburg watershed. The program is called Dynamics of Water and Societal Systems: An Interdisciplineary Research

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Hillslope hydrology undergraduate research opportunity at Hubbard Brook

The National Science Foundation is funding two REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) positions at Hubbard Brook this summer as part of the Long Term Ecological Research program (see the HBRF webpage for details or our opportunities webpage) ($5000 stipend for the

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Group update and visitors

It’s been a while since we’ve posted so I thought I would provide a few updates… Next week, Dr. Scott Bailey is visiting the group.  He is on JP and Cody’s graduate committees and they are both presenting their study

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