Hubbard Brook Projects

Our group is working on several projects at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest in New Hampshire.  These projects have been funded by a variety of sources including NSF Hydrologic Sciences, NSF Geobiology and Low Temperature Geochemistry, NSF LTER, NSF DBI-REU, USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station, and Plymouth State University.


Runoff generation processes

  • Investigating the threshold nature of subsurface flow processes and contributing areas in Watershed 3 of the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest.
  • Graduate Students: Joel Detty (PSU), Josh Benton (VT)

Spatial patterns in valley-wide stream chemistry

Isotope hydrology

  • The use of stable water isotopes to partition runoff and estimate water transit time through components of the landscape.
  • Collaborators:  John Campbell (USFS), Mark Green (Case Western U), Paolo Benettin (University of Padova)

Hydroecological modeling

  • Development of a linked hydrological and biogeochemical model of spatially-explicit processes for virtual experiments.
  • Collaborators:  Karin Rebel (Utrecht)
  • Graduate Student: Sija Stofberg (Utrecht)

Biogeochemical hotspots and denitrification

  • Hot spots and hot moments of soil denitrification in northern hardwood forests.
  • Collaborators: Peter Groffman (Cary Institute), Christy Goodale (Cornell), Jennifer Morse (Portland State U.), Sarah Wexler (University of East Anglia), Scott Bailey (USFS)

Lateral Weathering Gradients


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