Special Issue in Hydrological Processes on tracer advances

HPcoverSpecial Issue Tracer Advances Reviews

Tracer advances in catchment hydrology (pages 5135–5138) Kevin J. McGuire and Jeffrey J. McDonnell

Ecohydrological separation in wet, low energy northern environments? A preliminary assessment using different soil water extraction techniques (pages 5139–5152) Josie Geris, Doerthe Tetzlaff, Jeffrey McDonnell, James Anderson, Graeme Paton and Chris Soulsby

A preliminary assessment of water partitioning and ecohydrological coupling in northern headwaters using stable isotopes and conceptual runoff models (pages 5153–5173) Doerthe Tetzlaff, James Buttle, Sean K. Carey, Marjolein H. J. van Huijgevoort, Hjalmar Laudon, James P. McNamara, Carl P. J. Mitchell, Chris Spence, Rachel S. Gabor and Chris Soulsby

Established methods and new opportunities for pore water stable isotope analysis (pages 5174–5192) Matthias Sprenger, Barbara Herbstritt and Markus Weiler

Stable water isotopes suggest sub-canopy water recycling in a northern forested catchment (pages 5193–5202) Mark B. Green, Bethany K. Laursen, John L. Campbell, Kevin J. McGuire and Eric P. Kelsey

Tracking residence times in hydrological systems: forward and backward formulations (pages 5203–5213) Paolo Benettin, Andrea Rinaldo and Gianluca Botter

Velocities, celerities and the basin of attraction in catchment response (pages 5214–5226) Keith Beven and Jess Davies

Advancing tracer-aided rainfall–runoff modelling: a review of progress, problems and unrealised potential (pages 5227–5240) Christian Birkel and Chris Soulsby

Transit time distributions, legacy contamination and variability in biogeochemical 1/fα scaling: how are hydrological response dynamics linked to water quality at the catchment scale? (pages 5241–5256) Markus Hrachowitz, Ophelie Fovet, Laurent Ruiz and Hubert H. G. Savenije

Using concurrent DNA tracer injections to infer glacial flow pathways (pages 5257–5274) Helen E. Dahlke, Andrew G. Williamson, Christine Georgakakos, Selene Leung, Asha N. Sharma, Steve W. Lyon and M. Todd Walter

A tracer to bridge the scales: on the value of diatoms for tracing fast flow path connectivity from headwaters to meso-scale catchments (pages 5275–5289) Julian Klaus, Carlos E. Wetzel, Núria Martínez-Carreras, Luc Ector and Laurent Pfister

Application of isotope hydrograph separation to understand contributions of stormwater control measures to urban headwater streams (pages 5290–5306) Anne J. Jefferson, Colin D. Bell, Sandra M. Clinton and Sara K. McMillan