Looking for undergraduate student researchers: 2015 Hubbard Brook REU program

Water quality, soils and fluvial geomorphology of a headwater stream network

Seeking 4 undergraduate student researchers for National Science Foundation funded REU program at the Hubbard Brook LTER site in New Hampshire.

Project description: Where do forests end and streams begin? This seemingly simple question turns out to defy an easy answer. Headwater streams, such as those at Hubbard Brook, comprise the vast majority of riverine miles, set regional water quality, and represent the interface between terrestrial and aquatic systems. As a team, we will explore the vast network of headwater streams across the Hubbard Brook Valley and their relationships to their tributary watersheds. Students will participate in both group and individual research. For the group project we will come together as a team several times during the program to sample portions of the Hubbard Brook tributary stream network at a fine spatial scale over a short time period. These “snap shots” will be used to decipher potential mechanisms that regulate spatial water quality patterns. Each student will also develop an individual project based on the student’s interests and background. Individual projects could include (1) mapping stream channel geomorphology and exploring relationships to topography and streamflow quantity, (2) measuring hydrologic exchange between streams and groundwater, and (3) characterizing variation in soil morphology and chemistry in streamside environments. Skills in GIS, field survey and mapping, soil description and sampling, and water sampling and analysis will be practiced and developed.

Project mentors include: Drs. Kevin McGuireScott Bailey, Mark Green, Denise Burchsted.  REU students will also work closely with Ph.D student Carrie Jensen.

Applications are due February 6, 2015.

For application information go to http://hubbardbrookreu.org and for project inquiries, contact Kevin McGuire.