Installing the liquid sampler on the vario “cube”

Liquid sampler for the "cube"

The liquid sampler for the IRMS is being installed.  We worked through the installation of the C and N components over the last 2 weeks and we’ve now moved on to water.  Soon we’ll be running water isotopes!

We’re also looking for a catchy name for the lab.  Any thoughts?  We hoping for something better than “the stable isotope lab.”  Please comment on this post.

Some background first…

The IRMS is shared equipment between Soil and Water faculty in the Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation (Profs. Strahm, McGuire, Fox, Schoenholtz, and Aust).  We anticipate running wood, leaf material, water, and soil with environmental, forestry, and ecological applications.  The lab will support various types of ecosystem research similar to our current analytical facilities in Latham Hall.