Hello, Hubbard Brook!

After a long and dreary drive I have arrived at Hubbard Brook! After getting settled and moved in to the pleasant view farm house Monday I was able to get out and see watershed 3 today.  Scott and I downloaded water level recorder data and pumped water samples as we walked through a lot of the watershed.  It was great to finally see the place I have been hearing and writing about all semester.  Scott was a great guide, identifying several of the questions that need answering, as well as explaining how to navigate the watershed.  After finally exploring watershed 3 I am very excited to get started getting equipment in the ground!  The black flies, however, do not inspire the same excitement…  

There is much more to come! I hope to continue posting as my work progresses throughout the summer.  Cheers! 

4 thoughts on “Hello, Hubbard Brook!”

  1. Welcome to Hubbard Brook JP. The stream network was in full extent (late snowmelt conditions) today. Snowmelt is long over, but May has been a more or less continuous rain storm. It looks like a great summer to be a hydrologist (or a black fly) in New Hampshire.

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