Teaching stream gauging.

Principles of Watershed Hydrology (FOR 3104) Study of hydrology in watersheds.  Qualitative and quantitative principles of physical hydrological processes governing the movement, storage, and transformation of water on the Earth’s surface as influenced by watershed characteristics, including human modifications. Pre: Junior standing Pre: MATH 1206 or MATH 2015. (3H,3C) (every spring)

Forest Soils and Hydrology/Advanced Forest Soils and Hydrology (FOR 4354/FOR 5354G) Principles of forest soils and hydrology and applications of forest management. Forest soil development, relationships of soils and hydrologic properties to sustainble forest and watershed management. (2H,3L,3C) (every fall)

Hillslope and Watershed Hydrology (FOR 5144) Physical concepts of hydrological processes that affect age, origin, and flowpaths of water from hillslope to watershed scales.  Analysis of current and historical research methods.  Hydrological science as an interdisciplinary topic. Pre: Graduate standing (3H, 3C) (every other spring even years)

I also contribute to other courses in the Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation and elsewhere on campus.  In addition, I coordinate the Watershed Management graduate certificate program and the Watershed Management undergraduate minor.  For information on these programs, please go to the Water Center website.

Past Courses Offered

Field Methods in Water Resources
Data Presentation and Communication
Applied Hydrogeology
Watershed Management and Planning
Snow Hydrology
Watershed Hydrology & Management
Forest Watershed Management
Watershed Management Laboratory