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Drilling through glacial till at Hubbard Brook

Today we drilled 5.5 meters through glacial till and didn’t hit bedrock.  What a blast!  It was our first experience with our new Shaw Drill, and even though it rained, we drilled all day long.  We selected a location along

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The Contributions of Mentees to Mentors

I saw this blog post today in the Chronicle’s Innovation blog.  It’s so true – we learn a lot from our students and that’s one of the aspects I find most exciting about being a professor.  Thanks mentees! Article: http://chronicle.com/blogs/innovations/?p=30022 By

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Preparing scientists for interdisciplinary research

A few weeks ago, there was an article in EOS, the American Geophysical Union newspaper, about a recent survey conducted of graduate students from two large interdisciplinary research projects.  The findings from the survey, I believe, are right on the

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