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Hillslope hydrology undergraduate research opportunity at Hubbard Brook

The National Science Foundation is funding two REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) positions at Hubbard Brook this summer as part of the Long Term Ecological Research program (see the HBRF webpage for details or our opportunities webpage) ($5000 stipend for the

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American Geophysical Union Fall 2011 presentations by lab members and collaborators

Wednesday:  Characterizing the Hydrologic Impacts of Mountaintop Mining Using Stable Isotopes; Nicolas Zegre and Kevin J. McGuire, H31A-1120. Thursday: A Hydropedological View of Critical Zone Structure and Function at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, New Hampshire, USA; Scott W. Bailey,

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Fall Hubbard Brook Hydropedology Meeting

On Thursday afternoon our weekend was full of promise as Cody, Kevin, and I approached the airline check-in counter.  We were flying to Hubbard Brook to meet with everyone on the hydropedology project for a day of meetings and then

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Hydrolab Newbie

Greetings VT Hydro Lab members and followers! My name is Cody Gillin, and I’m the newest member of Kevin McGuire’s research team. I’ll spend the next two years learning all about hydropedology while pursuing a master’s degree. I’d like to

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Hydropedology in action! Installing an intensive site in watershed 3 at Hubbard Brook.

After coming back from the Gordon conference on catchment science last week, Scott, Kevin, Rebecca, and I were all ready to get out in the field to get dirty and get to work on what we had been talking about

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Presentations from the hydroped crew

I’m heading to Hubbard Brook today for this week’s Cooperators Meeting.  This meeting is followed next week by the Gordon Research Conference on Catchment Science.  Our group has a series of presentations at both meetings so it’s looking to be a

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A watershed 3 hydropedologic feature: Whatsit?

Last week, JP, Rebecca, Scott, Erik, Phoebe and I were digging soil pits for JP’s project in Watershed 3 at Hubbard Brook. About 10m upslope of these pits we began to dig the first pit for my project on the

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Continued quest for a graduate research assistant

We’ve had an announcement for a GRA position posted a couple of times since last fall (including on this blog!). There has been a fair bit of interest in the position and I’ve spoken with some excellent candidates. The next

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Scott Bailey visits the lab

Scott Bailey, a geoecologist from Northern Research Station of the US Forest Service, joins us this week to work on our ongoing research project at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest in New Hampshire.  Last summer, we were awarded an NSF grant,

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Research assistantship available

We are still recruiting a second graduate student to join us on our NSF funded hydropedology project.  This study focuses on the overlap between hydrology, soil development, and biogeochemistry.  We are using LIDAR data to map landforms and develop spatial

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