AGU presentations from the group

It’s that time of year.  Group members are beginning to think about their AGU presentations!  Here is the run down this year:

EP13D-0881. Runoff and sediment delivery from bare and graveled forest road approaches to stream crossings.
Kristopher R. Brown; Kevin J. McGuire; W. M. Aust

H41G-1251. How microtopography and soil morphology can help decipher flow paths and processes in headwater catchments.
John P. Gannon; Kevin J. McGuire; Scott Bailey

H43I-01. Estimation of transit time in catchments using stable isotopes: approaches and limitations (Invited).
Kevin J. McGuire

EP43A-0861. Landscape metrics to predict soil spatial patterns.
Cody P. Gillin; Kevin J. McGuire; Scott Bailey; Stephen Prisley

H54D-05. Integrated landscape responses to climate in northern catchments.
Doerthe Tetzlaff; Chris Soulsby; James M. Buttle; Sean K. Carey; Hjalmar Laudon; Jeffrey J. McDonnell; Kevin J. McGuire; Jan Seibert; James B. Shanley


Dr. Kevin McGuire is an associate professor in the Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation and the associate director for the Virginia Water Resources Research Center in the College of Natural Resources and Environment at Virginia Tech.

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