Welcome to the Virginia Tech Watershed Hydrology Lab website. The lab is directed by Dr. Kevin McGuire.  Thanks for checking us out!

RESEARCH TOPICS: Watershed, hillslope, and forest hydrology; runoff generation processes; tracer and isotope applications in hydrology; land use and climate change effects on watershed processes and water quality; forest watershed management and effectiveness of best management practices; and interactions between hydrology and biogeochemistry.

See also Cross-Boundary Biogeosciences @VT and the Virginia Water Resources Research Center.

Join the group!

If you are interested in joining the group, please send an email to Dr. McGuire and include the following information:

  • a detailed explanation of the reason you want to attend graduate school or work in the group and why the group and program are a good fit for you,
  • an indication of your research interests, and
  • a description of your previous research experience.

Current announcements are usually posted here. Please also include a resume or CV and an unofficial copy of your transcripts. Prospective graduate students are encouraged to set up a phone call and/or visit campus. Students interested in undergraduate research opportunities should contact me as well.

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