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Winter is Coming

I have been going to Coweeta every one or two weeks for the past two months to monitor sprinkling events on the soil model. Although I am measuring only one thing, water, being precise is actually very difficult. There are

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Sprinkling on the model

Kevin, Brian, and I went to Coweeta to improve the irrigation system. They installed a pressure pump to the water line, then we placed tipping bucket rain gauges at randomized locations, and then Brian turned on the water. Water pressure

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Filtration, Irrigation, and Preliminary Instrumentation

Kevin, Brian, and I installed a reverse osmosis filtration system, an irrigation line, an electrical line, and several data instruments/loggers. This included pounding a 7-foot copper grounding rod into the ground. The filtration system is used to change the chemistry

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Hoop-House at Coweeta

Construction on the soil model at Coweeta Hydrologic Laboratory has begun! We will be using the model for a water and nutrient reaction and transport experiment to answer questions, such as: What is the dominant process (e.g., biogeochemical or hydrologic) for

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Ph.D. student opportunity… assistantship in Hydrology and Biogeochemistry at Virginia Tech

We just circulated the following ad for a new Ph.D. student opportunity… Graduate Research Assistantship in  Hydrology and Biogeochemistry Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation The Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation at Virginia Tech is seeking applicants for

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New paper on the hydropedology of Hubbard Brook

A new paper was accepted this week in the journal Geoderma.  The paper shows how spatial patterns of soil development reflect the influence of transient groundwater within the soil profile in nearly all landscape positions throughout a headwater catchment at the

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Forest Biogeochemistry and Hydrology Assistantship: Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Fluxes in Response to Cellulosic Biofuel Systems

Graduate Research Assistantship Forest Biogeochemistry and Hydrology Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Fluxes along the Hillslope-Riparian-Stream Continuum in Response to Cellulosic Biofuel Systems The Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation and the Virginia Water Resources Research Center at Virginia Tech

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Winter Coweeta visit

  We had a great meeting this week at the Coweeta Hydrologic Lab.  Rhett Jackson organized this photo of the hydrologists at the meeting.  It is really amazing to think of the rich research history of this place and what

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3 more weeks to apply for summer REU position in New Hampshire

Applications for the Hubbard Brook Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program are due by February 6 – that’s just 3 weeks away!  We are seeking a student to work on a hillslope hydrology project looking at how water travels through

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Summer 2013 REU at Hubbard Brook on Hillslope Hydrology project

Hillslope hydrology component of the Hubbard Brook REU: We are seeking applicants for an REU position at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest in New Hampshire.  The program is a multidisciplinary project where students participate in a research project and also engage in

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